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Chocolate Cherry Walnut Cookies - Critical Hit Cookies

Chocolate Cherry Walnut Cookies

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When I was a kid, my mom made a version of these that I loved.  My tastes have changed somewhat as I've grown up but I've captured the same main tastes in our new Chocolate Cherry Walnut Cookies.  We've taken our browned butter based cookie with its rich flavors and added dried cherry, dark chocolate and crunchy walnuts to it to create a cookie that is a mix of flavors that is sure to satisfy.  They have already been declared a new favorite by some people.  See if they will become yours as well!


Contains nuts

Customer Reviews

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Betsy Nicholls


Gerald Dudley
Sooooooo good

I would not have thought about putting these three things in a cookie myself, but now that I have had them in a cookie, my life is changed for the better

Wei Ji
Interesting mix, even blending

The cookies came in a nice sealed package, and kept fresh for about a week and a half in the refrigerator, carefully rationed out to make them stretch. Rich enough that one or two was enough for a snack, verus a whole handful of commercial cookies. If you have the money, the even blending of the flavor profiles is worth it.