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Sourdough Oreo Brownies - Critical Hit Cookies

Sourdough Oreo Brownies

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We took a long time to add brownies to our menu.  We wanted them to have our unique spin.  We have come up with our Sourdough Oreo Brownies.  They are a dark, rich, fudgy brownie with a tang from the sourdough and a bit of a crunch and creamy sweetness from the Oreos.  They have a light sprinkling of salt on the top to balance out all of the other flavors.  They are brownies with a boost.  Try some today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I wanted to like these SO bad

I'm not sure if it's because it's a darker chocolate but the ones I received were bitter and dry. I love brownies but these were really really bad and going to go to waste because nobody in my house will eat them. I ordered a blondie a few months ago and those were AMAZING, these unfortunately missed the mark for me.

The. Best. EVER!

These were the best things I've got from the store so far. They disappeared quickly and I was regretting every moment I was without them! They are extremely rich so I could only go through about half a brownie each time, but with a small glass of milk to go along side with them? Absolutely divine.

Very good brownies

I don't really notice the sourdough but they are rich chocolate brownies, individually packaged which helps me make them last longer. Very tasty

Very good brownies!

I found these to be delicious. You do a great job naming/describing the baked goods you make. I had an idea what to expect when I got them, and was happy they were pretty much like I hoped they were. Thanks!

So good!!!!

These brownies are amazing! So dense and fudgy, they exceeded my expectations. Cannot wait to try more of their baked goods once I finish these off!

Highly recommend!