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Sourdough Oreo Brownies - Critical Hit Cookies

Sourdough Oreo Brownies

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We took a long time to add brownies to our menu.  We wanted them to have our unique spin.  We have come up with our Sourdough Oreo Brownies.  They are a dark, rich, fudgy brownie with a tang from the sourdough and a bit of a crunch and creamy sweetness from the Oreos.  They have a light sprinkling of salt on the top to balance out all of the other flavors.  They are brownies with a boost.  Try some today!

Customer Reviews

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Josh Turner

Sourdough Oreo Brownies

Amber Logsdon
Shouldn't work...but it does

My husband and I were instantly intrigued by the concept of not only a sourdough brownie, but a sourdough brownie with oreos? HUH? We tried them on a whim and were blown away by the flavors. These brownies are so rich and creamy, but the sourdough really does add an extra bit of zing to make the sweetness less cloying. Cannot wait to order them again.

My daughter’s favorite

The sweetness is cut very nicely by the sourdough. Very tasty. Soft and fudge.

Maryssa Mari

Sourdough Oreo Brownies

Blair Kuhns
Such a delicious blend of flavors!

Could definitely taste the sourdough element! It cuts wonderfully against the normal sweetness of a brownie, along with the perfect touch of salt... just an amazingly rich and fudge-y treat!