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Critical Hit Cookies

Homemade cookies for gamers and everyone delivered to your door

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Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies - Critical Hit Cookies
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Playing the longest sessions in the industry, we're always looking for different ways to sustain us at the table.  Critical Hit Cookies delivers delicious gaming fuel that also has enough substance to carry any party through the deepest dungeons!

Adam Smith, Project Admin., Order of the Amber Die

I am honored to have been part of the taste tester team for Critical Hit Cookies.  The cookies are delicious!  The owner is creative and dedicated to her craft.  Critical Hit Cookies has a great selection and variety to rescue any gamer from hunger. 

Leah Tapper

Not only is Critical Hit Cookies delicious, whether the standard chocolate chip or something complex like white chocolate, caramel blondie, but this is a brand that celebrates the love of gaming through teamwork, diversity, and community support.  The owner, Karee, is an amazing person who has given of her time and her hobby for others and I'm so thrilled to see her tasty baked goods available for the wider gaming community.

Robert J. Pontious, Web Architect, GAYMER, Order of the Amber Die member, Know Direction author