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Our Story

Welcome to Critical Hit Cookies, homemade cookies delivered to your door! I’m Karee. My products are all made by hand in my own kitchen with the same great ingredients that I use for all of my baking.

I have always loved baking.  I routinely helped my mom in the kitchen growing up.  In college, I baked for friends and have continued to do so as an adult.  I bake for parties, holidays and for any other occasion I can justify.  I've spent years perfecting recipes for friends and family, constantly refining them and looking for ways to improve.  I continue to be a perfectionist when it comes to my baking. 

Four years ago, I played my first rpg and was hooked.  It was D & D 5th edition and I was only convinced to play because I was told I could play my favorite fictional character.  It lasted a couple of months and I had a blast. Based on that, I went to GenCon 50.  However I was only playing rpgs once a year as I didn't have a home game.  In the interim, I began playing board games.  Zombicide was the one I first loved, though the list is extensive.  The next year, I went back to GenCon and met Adam Smith, GM of Order of the Amber Die, as well as found a regular Pathfinder game at home.  Because of these two things, I started talking to more gamers, reading the Paizo blog and learned a lot more about the gaming lifestyle.  More importantly, I started mailing cookies to Order of the Amber Die for their marathons and being told that I needed to do this professionally. 

Gaming has continued to grow in popularity over the years and it seemed the perfect time to form a company combining my two great loves, gaming and baking.   All of these influences crystalized in my head to become Critical Hit Cookies, a company that specializes in cookies for the gaming crowd.  Critical Hit Cookies came into being through the support of a lot of excellent people, friends, family and most importantly, those dedicated gamers at OAD who told me to open my own business. 

Today I'm proud to make the best cookies I can for gamers and everyone.  While I love my gaming family, my favorite customers are the ones who appreciate quality, homemade cookies.