3 dozen ship for free!


1.  How long does it take for you to ship?  For most orders, if we receive your order by 3pm EST, we will ship within 2 business days.  We are located in PA so the shipping times from there will depend on your location.  For larger orders, in excess of 10 dozen, please see below for our catering and/or large options.

2.  Why are there only quantities of a 1/2 dozen and a dozen listed?  All of our cookies are made when you order them.  As such, at this time we are only offering them in dozen and 1/2 dozen quantities as we are making a recipe for each order.

3.  What if I want you to make my family recipe?  We're sorry but at this point, we cannot make your recipes.

4.  What if I have a cookie idea?  We will periodically be having contests in which you can submit your cookie ideas and the winning cookie will then be offered.  Hold all cookie ideas until you see one of our contests.

5.  What if I have allergies?  At this point, we cannot guarantee any of our cookies to be allergen free.  All our our cookies are made in the same location and cross contamination may occur.  

6.  Do you do catering and/or large orders?  Please contact me directly if you are ordering an order larger than 10 dozen at karee@criticalhitcookies.com.  We are happy to work with you to cater larger event (weddings, birthdays etc).  However, due baking times, we want to be sure we can meet your time frames as well as manage our other orders. 

7.  Can you make cookie cakes?  At this point, we are not making cookie cakes.  That may be subject to change over time. 

8.  What is the size of your cookies?  Our cookies are each 1.80 oz or 3 T.

9.  Can I order a mixed dozen?  At this point, we do not offer mixed dozens.

10.  Are new products ever added?  New products are added periodically so continue to check back.

11.  Why should I create an account?  If you create an account, checkout will be faster.  Additionally, we will periodically email specials/discounts to our email base.

 12. What options do you have for business clients?  We are happy to work directly with our business clients to satisfy all of their cookie needs.  We do corporate gifts and are happy to work with you to meet any other specific requirements.  Please contact me directly at karee@criticalhitcookies.com to discuss what options could be available.

 13.  What is the best way to store your cookies?  Our cookies are sure to go fast.  However, if you do need to store them, we recommend refrigerating them so that they stay fresh as long as possible.  Our cookies can also be frozen if you want to keep them for longer periods.

14.  How can I be sure the cookies will be fresh by the time I receive them?  I've been shipping cookies to people regularly for a year and as I only want you to have the best, I have done everything in my power to make sure our packaging keeps everything as fresh as I can make it.  I have researched this and tested everything extensively to ensure it's the best.  

15.  Can I send the cookies as a gift?  Of course.  We include a card with every box of cookies.  If you are sending the cookies as a gift, contact us through the website and let us know what you want the card to say.  Additionally, the packing slip will not have any prices.  Additionally if you are uncertain what kind of cookies to select, gift cards are available.  If you have any other questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us with them.


While we hope this answers all of your questions, if it doesn't, please contact us and let us know what we can do to help!