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Espresso Cookies with Toffee and Espresso Chips - Critical Hit Cookies

Espresso Cookies with Toffee and Espresso Chips

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Espresso Cookies with Toffee and Espresso Chips are a caffeine lover's dream. We've taken our base cookie recipe and infused it with real espresso. We have then filled it with crunchy, buttery toffee and even more espresso in the form of espresso chocolate chips.  These are our most coffee flavored cookie.  Better than having a cup of coffee to wake you up!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gerald Dudley
A Coffee Toffee Sensation!!!

These cookies are BOMB. So so good, and great with a cup of coffee because why the heck not? Texture, flavor, all perfect, and not a crumb out of place due to the excellent packing. Would definitely order these again!

Jarred Bournigal
Quite literally the greatest cookies I have ever had.

Title says it all. If you like espresso and chocolate this is it.

I also find oatmeal chocolate chip to be criminally under rated.

I could have one of these every day until I die and be happy

Wisdom Mensah
Try them!

Salty Sweet chewy yet crunchy its great!

Brian Liberge
Cookies of the gods

And lo the gods did bless the coffee and then bless the cookies and then decided to combine the two. Do you like things that taste like good coffee? Not cream and sugar with a side of coffee but actual coffee? The first bite of these made my eyes instinctively widen.

Francis Vogrin

Great cookies; loved by all with whom we share! Thanks.