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Strawberry White Chocolate Blondies - Critical Hit Cookies

Strawberry White Chocolate Blondies

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We've taken our blondie base with its rich, caramel notes from the brown sugar and browned butter and added creamy white chocolate and succulent strawberries.  It's our take on strawberries and cream.  The bite of the strawberry contrasts with smooth, sweet taste of the white chocolate and both are highlighted by the blondie richness.  Try some today and see if they become your new favorite!

Customer Reviews

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It was a rough morning. The dog had chewed some tissues in the middle of the night. My son woke up *way* too early that day. The coffee machines broke. By all accounts this would be a terrible day.

The office was busy that day too. 75 unread emails when I got in. Projects that died returned from the grave to eat my poor, helpless IT brain. Cranky co-workers everywhere! Lunch break couldn't come quick enough. I went home on lunch, hoping to recover some headspace and re-center.

I pulled into the driveway, and there on my stoop was a little black box. Picking up the box, a wave euphoria washed over me. Could this be it? Is it time already? I open the box. A card sits atop of playful packing material. A black card signed with a thick metallic sharpie, next to the logo "Critical Hit Cookies"

I tuck the card into my pocket, to put on my desk at work. If I'm to share in the bounty, they must know where it comes from. I unceremoniously DEVOUR the first Strawberry White Chocolate Blondie. I'm literally melting. How did I get to my couch? It seems my legs were giving out. I chomp on what I can only describe as Shelyn's divine grace and beauty in cookie form.

It took about five minutes before I could gather the strength to stand. Yet stand I did. I left the box on the other side of the room...

Some time later, I returned to the office with that little black box. For the rest of the day, the room bathed in dopamine as we all sat at our desks. We took ten minutes to just *enjoy* the obvious dedication that went into making these amazing confectioneries.

As it came to pass, the day was not as the omens predicted. The day was *delicious*.


These were really, REALLY good! I may have to join Jason in the cookie of the month program!!!